Friday, January 17, 2014

Taking a Break

We all know the saying that when one door closes another opens.  If you spend too much time staring at the closed door, you might never see the open one.  I applied for a grant to create an illustrated book about using public transportation for the past 40 years.  It was rejected.  I decided to keep on schedule and do the project anyway.  I had looked at the grant as a way of validating my work, but really, it's the response I get from the people who read and look at my work that's validating.  Rejections from remote organizations shouldn't have more power over my art than the people who are moved by my work. Thanks ya'll!

I got involved in a graphic art project that has a nice soft schedule to work around my other endeavors.  And then, less than a month after the rejection, I got a writing commission that will pay the exact amount I wanted to get from the grant.  And even though it means spending time doing something besides my book, it's a wonderful project that I'm very excited about.

I'm being vague about things for now, but as they develop further, I'll fill in the details.  The graphic art project involves music and flights of imagination.  The commission involves children, values and dreams.  All of the things that I'm constantly exploring anyway.

Meanwhile, I have to get a new writing schedule in place, so for the next month I probably won't post here.  I hope to be back into blogging by the end of February, but I'll be on Facebook, if you'd like to "friend" me.   Until then, I hope you do something creative every day.  Don't focus anymore on that closed door -- look around for an open one and a new adventure.

And if all else fails, take a nap and dream.  Dreams are shape shifters, sometimes they appear in a guise we don't recognize.  I hope we all keep our eyes -- and vision -- open.


  1. Good luck on your planning schedule. Hope it all works out for you. Love your piece. I don't do Facebook but I do follow you and wait for your return. Be well.

  2. congrats to your open dooors, I am so happy your talent is recognized for what it this picture....let us all dream so vividly....I miss the amazing dreams I had when I was younger

  3. Best wishes on both projects--looking forward to the end of February (or thereabout).

  4. COngrats and Best Wishes for the project(s)!!!
    I so believe what you said about the closed n open true!
    Sorry for the delay in reaching here...
    BTW...dream are real shape-shifters! Can't agree more!
    The header picture looks AWESOME!

  5. I can't wait to hear more about this project!

  6. Congratulations on finding a door open to fulfill your dreams! I can't wait to hear and see more of it. Thank you for the advice about keeping my eyes open, because I'm currently feeling trapped. Your story gives me hope. Godspeed!

  7. Oh how wonderful, that new door that opened sounds great! Yes, sometimes it's hard not to keep staring at the closed door, and to feel disheartened by rejection. Even if the new door takes ages to open. Enjoy your projects, they sound like great fun.


"Love art. Of all the lies it's the least untrue." -- Gustave Flaubert